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(A Line) The shape features a flared out skirt from your waist down to your feet, creating an A shape. The degree of flare in the skirt can vary from slight to extreme and the bodice is often fitted. It is less full than the Ballgown and usually has no seam at the waistline. The design consists of vertical seams running from the waist or shoulders down to the bottom of the skirt. This is generally one of the more popular shapes because it is flattering to most body types. Recommended for petite figures because it can make a shorter bride appear taller and for full figured brides hoping to de-emphasise their hips.

If your waistline is large the dress can look straight so balance by having a wider skirt and consider wearing a corset underneath.

Recommended for all body shapes:
Petite figures, Apple, Big Busted, Full Figured, Hourglass, Pear Shape, Tall & Thin

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Princess wedding dress silhouette