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How I Sold My Wedding Dress

I’d like to share with you how I sold my wedding dress as I know this is something more and more brides are doing and are considering doing.

The days of a wedding dress being made into a christening or communion gown for a little one are pretty much gone. Dresses now are so expensive that doing this just isn’t an easy choice especially as this valuable dress can be sold on.

The Story of How I Sold My Wedding Dress

I’ve always felt there’s one dress that’s really important to get right – my wedding dress. In the months running up to my wedding, I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect dress. It was a real challenge to find a dress that I loved and also that suited my budget.

I eventually found the perfect dress online and had it shipped from America. It was a beautiful lacy creation from Pronovias, a popular Spanish bridal wear brand. When it arrived, it fit perfectly and it felt light and easy to wear. It was also very good value, and value is important to me – I love a good bargain. When I put on this dress, I just knew this was the right dress for me.

After the wedding, I wondered what to do with the dress. To be honest, it was getting in the way. I decided to try and sell the dress and I looked all over the Internet, but couldn’t find any outlets for people who wanted to sell wedding dresses. Eventually, I put the dress on eBay, but I didn’t get great results from that.

Wedding Dress Pop-Up Shop

I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one with that problem, I decided to set up a one-day pop-up shop for people who wanted to sell their wedding dresses or buy their wedding dresses at a good price. I ran it in Athlone because it was a central location that would be easy for people to get to and we called the event the “Once Loved Dress Sale” as we see the dresses as being “Once Loved”.  I was overwhelmed by the response. There were loads of dresses for sale and loads of people who wanted to buy them.

But I didn’t sell my own dress that day. Just before the event, I got an email from a bride in Germany through eBay. She asked me lots of questions about the dress, and she seemed genuinely interested. She put in an offer, which was brilliant, but I was nervous because I wanted to be sure the dress would be as perfect for her as it was for me. I sent a card with the dress wishing her well on the big day and she rang me saying she was delighted with it, and it was a perfect fit.

The success of that first sale in Athlone and the sale of my own dress showed me that there was a real future in selling pre-loved wedding dresses. I decided to take the leap and develop my idea into a business and was born. I get a real kick out of matching girls to their perfect dresses. I guess you could say I’m a wedding dress matchmaker.

Once Loved Dresses Bridal Boutique Galway

If you’d like to try my wedding dress matchmaking skills for yourself, contact me at 087 2107678 or at or come and visit us at our Bridal Boutique Once Loved Dresses Galway. 




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