Finding your dream wedding dress within your budget

Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress Within Your Budget

Try these tips for finding your dream wedding dress within your budget

This month we will be looking at ways of finding your dream wedding dress within your budget. So after much searching you have found the perfect wedding dress for you. The moment you saw it, your heart skipped a beat. It’s the dress you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. There’s just one problem. It costs more than your budget. I have seen so many brides faced with this dilemma. But the good news is that you can still have your dream dress without breaking the bridal budget. By following these tips you can be on your way to finding your dream wedding dress within your budget.

Buy a Once Worn Wedding Dress & get your perfect dress for less

Buy a Once Worn Wedding Dress. Sell My Wedding Dress has a wide range of once-worn, once-loved wedding dresses by top designers that you can buy for half their original retail price or even less. Simply search through the collection of dresses on offer and you may find your exact dress or a dress very similar in style ready to be loved again. These dresses are the perfect solution to getting your dress at a much lower price and a surefire way of finding your dress within your budget.

Buy a Sample Dress

If you have tried on a dress in a bridal shop that you really love, but can’t afford, you may be able to buy the sample dress. This is the dress the shops give to brides to try on when they’re in the shop. If you’re willing to wait until the next season’s dresses come in, the shop may be willing to sell the sample dress to you for a reduced price. It’s worth asking and you could save quite a bit by getting your dress this way.

Budget Friendly Designers

A designer dress may not be out of your reach after all. More and more top designers are creating ranges for everyday brides. For example, a Vera Wang dress can cost many thousands, but dresses in the Vera Wang White range start at just €800, so a unique Vera Wang can be yours for less than €1,000.

Wanted Dresses List

Have a dress in your head that you just love and can’t find it anywhere? Why not add it to our “wanted dresses” list. A bride looking to sell this dress can get in touch to let us know they have “your” dress and we can put you in touch with the seller. Use the link here to add your wanted dress to our “Wanted Dresses List

Charity Shop Bridal Wear

Another option for finding your dress on a budget is to visit a charity shop that specialises in bridal wear. Oxfam, St Vincent de Paul, and Barnardos all stock bridal wear at greatly reduced prices. Beloved Bridal, 8 Townyard Lane, Malahide, Co. Dublin raises funds for Focus Ireland and we have a number of their great value wedding dresses listed on site.

Whatever your budget there are ways for you to find that dream dress without breaking the bank.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help in the search for your dress,

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